Pest Control

Poultry Keeper Range

Treatment with our Poultry Keeper Range will ensure your birds are happy and healthy and as a result will produce quality eggs.



Oa2ki Powder

Oa2ki Powder is also known as Diatomaceous Earth.

It is Natural and Safe, with no smell, no stain, no pesticide!
Oa2ki powder controls insects by non-chemical means and is safe where animals are present. The powder causes insects to loose moisture and die by desiccation.
Apply dust as required to birds or dry secure areas and cracks and crevices where insects could harbour.

400g Oa2ki Powder … £10.99


Verm-X for Poultry

Safe, Natural, 100% Herbal Parasite Repellent tincture for poultry which has been proved to be a very effective alternative to chemical wormers.

Easy to administer in drinking water

No withdrawal period for meat or eggs

250ml Verm-X … £14.99