Customer Comments


Many thanks for all your help in “allowing me to return to the delights of our own eggs! I’ll keep in touch.


just wanted to let you know how wonderfully the girls are getting on. They are best of friends already.
Your Favourelle girl is the kindest, calmest hen I have ever met. She is such a gift.
Thank you both for all your help and guidance, she really is the perfect girl for Little Dorrit. And me!

just to let you know our four girls have settled in and are all laying well. I have added a photo of their beautiful eggs. Delores Chicken was just showing off with the double yoked egg.
regards Anne


That’s great, thank you – they are so adorable – we love them. Mr Freeman, the Cockerel, crowed this morning for the first time 😊 take care.


Hi Paul and lovely lady whose name I don’t know I’m afraid…
Just wanted to thank you for keeping these two gorgeous hens for us. The French Copper Maran laid a gorgeous chocolate colour egg this morning and they’re both very settled and happy.

Thanks also for patiently answering my questions.
I really appreciated it.

I’m sure will see you again soon.

Anne Stuart

Just to let you know our 4 girls are home and settling in to their new home. The Rhode Rock laid a beautiful egg in the box on the way home.🥚😄.
Thanks very much they are lovely birds.


Thank you for delivering on Friday. Happy with our hens and they seem settled in.


Thank you very much for delivering the chickens yesterday. They are very happy in their new home and look great 😊


All arrived safely, and they look amazing, many thanks, Nicki


“Thank you so much for your help, advise & support.  Our once pathetic little chicken who was traumatised every day that she laid turned overnight into a happy chilled and content bird.”

Dawn & Barry

Hi Paul, We are the couple you kindly gave some multivitamins to last Saturday when we called in for a couple of bags of feed.  I just wanted to let you know that the Devon Rock has been laying again daily since Wednesday and the White Leghorn has laid a properly shelled egg today.  Barry is very happy to have his spreadsheet properly populated, and I’m pleased to know they must be a bit perkier!”


“We bought some splendid POL from you 4 years ago, we have been very happy with them, they have been very friendly and productive, and it’s time to get some more”


We had some of your fantastic chickens 3 years ago and would like some more”