At Harepathstead we specialise in hand built quality poultry housing .. anything from homes for a few back yard hens to 1,000 flock outdoor units.

Mobile Arcs


Mobile Arc

One of our most popular products for domestic users is the Mobile Ark. For convenience these are accessible from both ends. They are constructed from marine grade plywood and roofed with galvanized sheel sheet.


Arc with rear open





In a standard configuration with door, nest box and perches for ten birds they cost £250.




Field Tunnels

Field tunnels are custom made to user’s requirements.

A single tunnel can be sized to house up to 1,000 birds. We have a selection of tunnels on the farm so that you can view a number of options before selecting the features that are most appropriate for your intended use.

The tunnels use a robust galzanized steel framework. The uprights and roof members are typically spaced at 4′ (1,200mm) centers to deliver increased strength and roof support.

The roofs have a double skin separated by a layer of insulation.

The end and side panels are configured to meet the customers requirements and a range of internal fitting can be supplied to order.