Below are a selection of some of our more popular birds.   We now have 16 varieties of hybrids including 5 different colours of blue egg layers.

The various breeds are reared together so you are free to choose a mix of breeds and colours, come and choose your favourites.

All pullets lay approximately 250 – 300 eggs per year.

Point of Lay Pullets are all £16.00 each (or 4 for £60.00) apart from the Devon Rock (blue eggs) and Devon Bronze (dark brown eggs) which are £25.00. (or 2 for £45.00).


Trade pricing applies for quantities of 10 or more.

Comprehensively vaccinated against :- Mareks disease, Coccidiosis, Infectious Bronchitis, Salmonella E & T, Mycroplasma, Newcastle disease, Egg drop syndrome, and Avian Rhino tracheitis.

If you require details on vaccines please feel free to ring