Rare Breeds

 Rare Breeds – Large Fowl

These birds are £25 – £35 each, please check availability.  Coming soon are an assortment of Hybrid Bantams.

A list can be found at http://thepurebreedpoultry.co.uk/

Rare Breeds – Bantams

We often stock a wider range of birds. If you are interested in any of the following please contact us to check availablity.

 An Assortment of Wyandottes

Buff Laced Wyandotte                    Silver Pencilled Wyandotte

Buff Laced Wyandotte                                           Silver Pencilled Wyandotte


Buff Wyandotte                     Assortment of Wyandotte

Buff Wyandotte                                                        Buff Laced Wyandotte


An Assortment of Pekin

Lavender Pekin                  Mottled Pekin

Lavender Pekin                                                     Mottled Pekin


Chocolate Pekin                 Millifluer Pekin

Chocolate Pekin                                                    Millifluer Pekin